MidiNight(media+night): Light Painting Video

MIDINIGHT (midnight + media)

The project was initiated as a rather conventional idea of the advancement in technology. Through the growth of the use and quality of highly sophisticated but conventional technology in our lives, we learned to live among all sorts of media through tablet pc, smartphone, and television. My objective was to promote the awareness of how important the medias are in our lives and wanted to directly animate the media.

Sometimes, moonlight is just enough of brightness that we need. Solar bright can be too much since the sunlight can ironically dim our sights. But when the dark is upon us, we are able to see the glimpse of little stars that we were not aware of their presence. And this, is where the magic occurs.

People start to show what they really possess and what they are capable of when the sun is gone and when they are free from work. They will be illustrated through light painting typography and they all will be appearing at midnight.

The storyline simply is "Media lives with us every day, and it will particularly shine when the dark comes."


Still Shots