My Life with Movie Titles

Most of my inspiration and relaxation comes from watching movies. As I get deep into the movie, I tend to get empathetic feelings for the main character and feel like I am living his/her life. With that in mind, I made a typographical poster, which was inspired by my favorite films that reflects my life.


In the way of expressing, I thought the narrative structure of a movie, and story telling letterpress has similar parts. Therefore, I decided to make a sentence of my life with movie titles, and make it into a style of letterpress.


I focused on the organic connection between the letterpresses with printing, I tried to make the harmony of weight, and height in all different words and made it in to one whole work.


In the process of choosing color, I thought about the emotions and ideas from the movies that inspired me. I chose purple because the color has that undeniable and compelling force, which grabs the eyes into it. Purple also symbolizes my passion for art.