MIXBOT Interactive Website

There was huge innovation in each person’s private life because of the change of Internet. The development of SNS gave an opportunity for people to gather easily but there is change of judging own identity. Therefore, I started this project to give a chance to people to express their own identity to the world. Revealing one-self is a start of communication. These kinds of revealing is used much more efficient then the past, this project is to find a new method to gathering one’s information and structuring the data and visualizing the final structure in figurative way.


The main concept is showing all the processes of robot making like the real factory. The information of people are treated as the product that are for the final info graphic robot.




Intro screen, enter the name of the screen to enter the main factory. Home, Menu, Others, and Mine these global menus are always located in the upper left corner.

The main menu Brain scan, Time belt, and Color taste test each section is classified into three types is in the progress.

Brain scan for each of the 10 items to choose and, Time belt 26 kinds of activities in the day, are arranged on the belt. Finally, color taste 12 kinds of the most common things are to choose the color. Completion of each of the menu, the robot's head, arms, and legs, and finally get the body assembly is obtained along with the robot character.

If the answer to all three of the menu information, see his page that pops up is Mine. Even if you do not complete the double one menu Mine button is disabled.


<Design Process_ Robot>

Since the users ages are between 20-30, I focused on the efficiency with the not childish looking of the robot. And, the robot's head, body, arms and legs are each seven kinds. 42 kinds of different kinds of robots come out.

This generation as a reward for his actions, and want to check the value is tendency. To be done quietly, unlike the older generation and the ability to determine their value often tries. This tendency to satisfy their information by providing compensation in addition to the character they remain on site to conduct a test makes a reason.