[IBM] Think 2018 Campus

IBM Think celebrates and elevates this unpredictable intersection, catalyzed through progressive partnership of mankind and machine. Think is not a convention. Think is an ever-evolving, inclusive, accessible, horizontal conversation about human ingenuity, its advocates, and the tools they employ to break paradigms and create new ones. 

Client: IBM

Creative Director: Matthew Calkins

Producer: Shaunna Harry

Design Director: Mary Franck

3D Designer/Animator: Dasol Jung

Photographs: Qian Sun, Dasol Jung

 3d Texture Design for Think Campus Themes

3d Texture Design for Think Campus Themes

Theme 7 Gold main still 1 -2800.jpg

Think- Theme 7 Gold - loop preview

Theme 1 Magnets still 2 -2800.jpg

Think- Theme 1 Magnets - 10sec loop preview

Theme 2 Liquid still 2 -2800.jpg

Think- Theme 2 Liquid main preview

Theme 6 Network still 1 -2800.jpg

Think 2018 Theme 6 alternate (18 sec) preview

Theme 8 Blocks - main 2800.jpg

Think Theme 8 Blocks - alternate (blue) preview

Theme 5 Sand still 1 -2800.jpg

Think Theme 5 Sand - main (20sec loop) preview

IMG_3472 copy.jpg